Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hmmm, what to post in my first blog entry...

Well, I'm part of a two man development team for an indie shmup called Wings of Apocalypse. I'm in charge of the 3d assets while Roger (Rekcahdam) does all of the programming (yes, all by himself, the poor fella).

Here are couple screens of the first level (click on any of these images to see them full-sized):

Here are some shots showing off parts of the level in the Maya viewport:

I'm happy with it, I would say it looks pretty good considering that it is only textured with one map; no shader work or multiple maps on this stuff, only a color map with my lighting setup and a bump map baked into it.

Here is an orthographic view of most of the first level, longcat style:

Also check out this neat trailer that Roger created:

I also created a short, pre-rendered teaser for the game a while ago:

So far we have a playable build up for download on the site. We're also looking into porting and finishing the game using WildPockets, which is a browser based 3d game engine that is in beta stage at the moment. I'll update more on that as it happens.

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  1. FIRST! LOL. What an awesome first blog post.